Personal legal protection

Personal Legal Protection policies typically cover the policyholder and members of his or her household against the areas at greatest risk of potential legal dispute:

  • Problems with employers
  • Personal injury claims
  • Disputes with suppliers of goods and services (including holidays)
  • Employment problems and disputes with neighbours are typically covered by most policies.

Further covers can be included.

Case insight - Employment dispute

An employee was dismissed from her job following an injury. She was provided with a solicitor to represent her at an Employment Tribunal by her legal expenses insurers. The Tribunal found that she had been unfairly dismissed and ordered a compensation award to be paid to her. The confidence gained due to winning her case helped her obtain alternative employment. Legal costs paid by the insurer exceeded €2,200.

Case insight - Contract dispute

When a carpet supplier refused to repair or replace a defective carpet the customer called on their legal expenses insurers. They arranged an inspection which confirmed the carpet's defective status and began legal proceedings. The supplier then agreed to replace the carpet.

Case insight - Personal Injury

A policyholder tripped on uneven paving in a shopping precinct and fell badly spraining her wrist. When she claimed under her legal protection policy the insurers took action to recover compensation from the precinct owners through the Personal Injuries Assessment Board.