Fraudulent claims affecting insurance companies

Fradulent claimsEarlier this year a judge found that members of the Travelling and Roma communities were staging car crashes in Galway in order to make false personal injury claims.

Aviva was a victim of these fraudulent activities and challenged 79 claims, 60 per cent of which were around Galway. The insurance company undertook research into geographical and inter-associate and family connectivity which confirmed to the judge that the car crashes were a scam. Many of the crashes had similar descriptions, addresses, locations and country of origins which was a red flag to the judge. 

One of the claims involved Romanian driver, Neagu Alexandru, who crashed his Honda Civic into the back of a Ford Galaxy in which the Corcoran brothers and five of their cousins were travelling. Coincidently, Mr Alexandru swapped his insurance policy on a JCB digger to his Honda Civic for a few days and then back again following the collision.

The judge rejected two €38,000 claims by brothers Martin and John Gerad Corcoran and ordered that Aviva’s legal costs to be paid by the Corcoran brothers.